• The transformation your clients will experience
  • What problems you’ll solve via your service
  • What your client will receive/how your client will feel during & at completion
  • The skills & resources you can bring to the table
  • If & where you may need to outsource
  • How long the service will be (running course, evergreen, 1:1, book per appt, etc)
  • The style of your service (values, purpose, branding, messaging, energetic delivery)
  • Cost of service over time given/received (this can be a rough idea of what you’re hoping to sell for & profit)
  • Who would receive the biggest transformation?
  • Where have I seen these problems being displayed?
  • Whose life will this greatly impact in having this resource?
  • Who am I able to sell to?
  • What resources do they have access to in order to engage in this service?
  • What is their projected disposable income to spend on this course?
  • What is their lifestyle like?
  • What are their values?
  • What age bracket am I selling to?
  • What lifestyle do the resources I provide align with?
  • Create a timeline of when the biggest transformations will occur
  • Outline your clients’ starting point, mid-course, and completion
  • Bullet point each week
  • Main Bullet = Main Topic
  • Mini Bullets = Specific Areas of Focus
  • Start filling in the bullets with your ideas
  • Fill in each idea with the resources you’ll be providing for each one (PowerPoint presentation, video, workshop, meditation, etc)
  • What didn’t work at all?
  • What could work if I made changes?
  • Who received the biggest transformation & why?
  • Who wasn’t a great fit?
  • What do I need to add?
  • What can I remove?
  • What wasn’t in alignment with my original values & is it necessary to pivot in this area?
  • What was in alignment with my original values & how was it received by the group(s)?



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Carly Merryweather

Carly Merryweather

I’m Carly, and I help six and seven figure entrepreneurs level up their businesses.